[Sysadmins] NTL(hell?) internet service

FRLinux frlinux at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 12:02:10 GMT 2009


I am looking for some feedback among other knowledgeable people on
this list. I have taken on the UPC/NTL 20Mb service over the last few
days. Got it installed during the day, and service was spot on. Very
good latency and quick internet. Then things degraded on the first
evening. As I have been graphing the latency to the box remotely, it
has been easy to spot when the line actually gets *very* contended.
And that it does.

This graph will pretty much explain:
http://frlinux.net/weblog/ntl_week_latency_oct09.png (high is bad

So I logged a call to support (by mail) and their answer was:
disconnect all devices, reboot cable modem router then if it still
does not work, we will log a fault on your line. Quite appalling

We all know that contention will do that to your line. I missed the
fine print where they state that the speed slows in evening and week
ends but they are working hard to improve the service.

Now to the questions, do people have similar experience where they
live, anything that can be done? I guess that since I took the
contract for 12 months, there is no real way out of this...

Thanks for listening to my rant, any feedback more than welcome.

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