[Sysadmins] NTL(hell?) internet service

Gareth Eason gareth.eason at signal2noise.ie
Wed Oct 28 22:53:10 GMT 2009

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FRLinux wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 5:46 PM, Thomas Pedoussaut
> <Thomas at pedoussaut.com> wrote:
>> I'm on a 10m sub for the last 13 month now and never had this kind of
>> issue. Always sub 10ms to reach inex. I guess we don't have the same
>> neighbours. Mine go to bed after corrie.
> Clearly mine are closer to hogs :(

	You anywhere near Maynooth? I've ordered the 20M service but UPC have
utterly failed to deliver it for the last 6 weeks+ ... they need to
install another tap on the line since a conservatory has been built
right under their previously installed one. This has completely stymied
their installation attempts, despite the fact that installing a tap on
what I presume is a co-ax cable is hardly what I'd refer to as rocket
science - I'm open to correction, of course.

	Let me know if I should risk it or whether I should go elsewhere for
internet service. When originally checking it appeared there is was no
LLU available, but someone mentioned to me in the last week that this
may no longer be the case. Suggestions welcome :)

	Best regards,
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