[Sysadmins] Halo Labs IT Services Group Meeting Tomorrow

Patrick O'Connor patrick.oconnor at sysadmin.ie
Wed Sep 30 10:36:31 IST 2009

Hi All,
Just wanted to let you know that we are having a public meeting tomorrow
before the ILUG POTD at 18:00 in the Longstone pub if you'd like to come
We're a newly formed group of IT Services people, sysadmins, developers etc
who are working together to form an alliance. We're all self-employed /
working in small businesses and providing cross-platform (i.e. prefer free
software / open source) solutions to SMEs.
We have a (very) basic site at http://halolabs.org with some more info and
will be building on it as time goes by. Our first project is to build a
knowledge base combining the processes etc the the people in our community
use and plan to develop on that to combine our services and buying power

If you're interested come along tomorrow and if you'd like more info or
directions etc give me a call on 087-2195988.


Blog: http://patrickoconnor.ie/blog
Company: http://www.synchronicity.ie

Blog: http://patrickoconnor.ie/blog
Company: http://www.synchronicity.ie
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