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Barry O'Donovan barry at opensolutions.ie
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On 14/09/10 19:55, FRLinux wrote:
> I had a quick look on the internet and didn't really see what i was
> looking for. I would like to find a way to monitor SIP Registrations
> going down and thus getting a notification. So far I have investigated
> two routes:
> - grepping /var/log/asterisk/messages which indeed tells you when your
> peer is no longer registered to your provider
> - using a tool such as sipsak (http://sipsak.org/) which can be used
> with http://www.voip-info.org/tiki-index.php?page=check_asterisk which
> does not seem to perform exactly as i'd expect

I haven't looked at sipsak but for a similar situation in the past
(monitoring status of PRI lines) I used a Nagios plugin which interfaces
with the Asterisk Manager interface which is probably a better way of
doing it:


There appears to be commands such as SIPpeers, SIPshowpeer,
SIPshowregistry which may do what you need.

See the following for the script I used for the PRIs:


Note that I used the 'Command' action to execute a normal CLI command
which you should do also with 'sip show peers / users / registry'.


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