[Sysadmins] FreeBSD / Traffic Monitoring

Harry Duncan usr.src.linux at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 18:22:53 IST 2012

Been playing with FreeBSD and PF for use as a firewall/gateway at an
office at a voluntary organisation that I'm helping out at. Chose
FreeBSD because I wanted to try pf.

The organisation want to implement traffic analysis, monitor what
clients are doing, eg, be able to tell if someone is spending x hours
per day on skype chat or MSN. Basically the new boss had some
Microsoft Windows equivalent at her last place, and wants to implement
the same thing.

Seperately there have been some complaints about net speeds during the
day, and I think it might just be a usage issue, there is a mix
between business and residential use on their broadband line with 120
patched in data points and anything up to 50% active at times.

Looking for recommendations for a tool to install on FreeBSD to cover
both requirements in one swoop, monitor bandwidth consumption
throughout the day and maintain logs of what hosts are doing over what
protocols to identify traffic that shouldn't be there.

Have googled it and come up with darkstat, just not sure how it stacks
up in the real world on the historical reporting.

Anybody got any experience in this area and suggest if thats the way
to go or if a mix of mrtg and something else is what I need?


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