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Barry O'Donovan barry at opensolutions.ie
Fri Mar 30 07:49:24 IST 2012

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On 29/03/12 18:22, Harry Duncan wrote:
> The organisation want to implement traffic analysis, monitor what 
> clients are doing, eg, be able to tell if someone is spending x
> hours per day on skype chat or MSN. Basically the new boss had
> some Microsoft Windows equivalent at her last place, and wants to
> implement the same thing.

For non HTTP protocols, nfsen has already been mentioned.

For HTTP (not HTTPS), using Squid as a transparent proxy with logging
would give you fine grained logs of who's viewing what and when.
LightSquid - http://lightsquid.sourceforge.net/ - may be useful for this.

> Seperately there have been some complaints about net speeds during
> the day, and I think it might just be a usage issue, there is a
> mix between business and residential use on their broadband line
> with 120 patched in data points and anything up to 50% active at
> times.

Sounds like you might need some QoS to help share the available
bandwidth as appropriate and prioritise important traffic.

> Looking for recommendations for a tool to install on FreeBSD to
> cover both requirements in one swoop, monitor bandwidth
> consumption throughout the day

You're really going to want to install something that can poll traffic
usage over 30sec periods rather than the typical 5min period to really
get a sense of usage in an office environment. Cacti can do this -
just be sure to change the defaults. RTG may also be worthwhile
looking at - http://rtg.sourceforge.net/.

 - Barry

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