[Sysadmins] virus emails

Owen O' Shaughnessy owen.oshaughnessy at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 12:47:08 IST 2014

Hi Guys,

Looking for some feedback. We implement blacklists on our mta, blocks a lot
of crud sucessfully at the front door without impeding our customers, and
with that scheme, I might, in my own mailbox, see about 1 virus email
attachment per month, if even that.

Working with a company that hosts elsewhere, whoose hoster implements spam
assassin on the smtp feed without virus checking. Each recipient on the
domain receives approx 2 to 3 virus attached emails per day, at minimum 1.

Curious to know if that seems excessive or normal to anyone else who lets
everything through their smtp feeds, or should I be concerned that this
customer has been singled out for special treatment by a competitor?

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