[Sysadmins] IOL email down?

Declan Kelly stdlib at groov.ie
Wed Jul 16 19:23:54 IST 2014

On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 04:32:02PM +0100, usr.src.linux at gmail.com wrote:
> Looking good here.
> >From a sysadmin perspective, if you've got MTA problems, you're
> probably best having the listed mx unreachable so that inbound mail
> queues at the originating MTA, that'll usually give you 48 hours to
> get things up and running again before things start to bounce.

Or have a backup MX.

The old IEUnet had Pipex MX as backup when they moved out of TCD.

> If anyone from BT is interested in
> generating revenue out of these accounts, there is a demand for a
> premium service to filter spam out of these age old accounts.

The boards.ie thread is full of people who really really want to hold
onto their IOL address, and who don't want to move to GMail or another
free service.

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