[Sysadmins] 6to4 gateways and Eircom

Nick Hilliard nick at netability.ie
Wed Jun 11 14:57:32 IST 2014

On 11/06/2014 14:34, Vanush Misha Paturyan wrote:
> does anyone know if Eircom has 6to4 (RFC3056) routers configured
> within their "domestic users" network? I've recently switched from
> UPC's cable modem to Eircom's  eFiber, and on UPC 6to4 "automagically"
> wokred (they had a 6to4 router listening on anycast, as
> per RFC). I thought I ask here before messing with configurations on
> Eircom's provided router to see if I can convince it to work for me. 

6to4 is generally considered to be a bad idea these days, not least because
there are no longer any 6to4 relays left in Ireland.  Although it might
work fine in many situations, you'd be better off getting a static ipv6
tunnel from e.g. SIXXS or tunnelbroker.net / Hurricane Electric.  SIXXS has
a relay point in Ireland operated by HEAnet.  HE's nearest tunnel exit
point is in London, but you should get pretty good performance out of it.

There are a bunch of web pages out there which describe how and why 6to4 is
broken, both from the conceptual and practical points of view.


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