[Sysadmins] DNS issues

Harry Duncan usr.src.linux at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 16:29:33 GMT 2014

On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 3:45 PM, Nick Hilliard <nick at netability.ie> wrote:

> On 27/03/2014 14:59, Harry Duncan wrote:
> > Mailserver was slaved off "Irish Broadband" DNS servers at the data
> center,
> > which I changed to Google open access DNS, and the problem has largely
> > disappeared.
> if you have enough server nous to run an MTA, you probably ought to run
> your own resolver too.  pdns_recursor and unbound both make good choices.

A decision was made here to make internal DNS non recursive as per
etiquette at the time and leave the recursive stuff to access providers.

> It is usually a better idea to use a dns server close to you, rather than
> further away.

Only if getting valid answers, could be a problem with our upstream
provider, but the subsequent failure of a .ie hints of something else going

> nope! Could be a problem restricted to that .ie domain.  Have you checked
> the domain out with a domain checker?  e.g. http://mydnscheck.com

Yup, and it all checked out fine, plus the domain in question successfully
relayed in 15 mins later which prompted the question if the .ie zone was
having difficulties, hence the email here to see if anyone else had noticed
before I bug the upstream providers.

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