[Sysadmins] Nameserver: uucp-gw-2.pa.dec.com.

Declan Kelly stdlib at groov.ie
Tue Dec 20 16:49:46 GMT 2016

On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 04:12:47PM +0000, andrewbarnes at ramsesit.com wrote:
> uucp-gw-1.pa.dec.com is responding however

These are the classic "uucp-gw-" hosts in Palo Alto (formerly at
compaq.com, originally at dec.com). At least one well-known .ie domain
still uses them. Historically, some ccTLDs (including IE) used to list
them as nameservers.

Some time in the last 6 months (I don't know exactly when), uucp-gw-2
stopped providing DNS services. My contact at HP Labs for those servers
is no longer responding to email.

The hostnames should have been edited years ago to remove the dependence
on the dec.com domain. They are on IPv4 only; no v6.

Still online: uucp-gw-1

ns1.labs.hp.com. domain name pointer ns1.labs.hp.com. domain name pointer ns3.labs.hp.com. domain name pointer ns3.hpl.hp.com.

Now OFFLINE: uucp-gw-2

ns2.labs.hp.com. domain name pointer ns2.labs.hp.com. domain name pointer ns4.labs.hp.com. domain name pointer ns4.hpl.hp.com.


Just over a year ago, H-P split in two. Before that happened, some H-P
beancounters decided to go about selling their "Class A" IPv4 networks
and their well-known, 1980s-vintage .com domains.

When they sold off the dec.com and digital.com domain names, they never
checked with HP Labs (who were still hosting the gatekeeper FTP mirror,
and NTP and DNS services at no charge). The new owner of dec.com hosted
the domain with a luser-friendly hosting company, deleting ALL the old
hostnames, including Gatekeeper and Clepsydra.

What was left of the gatekeeper FTP server was also split in two, under
the labs.hp.com and labs.hpe.com domains.


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