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Harry Duncan usr.src.linux at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 12:48:15 IST 2016


A colleague of mine in Wexford has a fiber to the home connection from Eir,
1000mb broadband. Yes, I'm thinking of moving too...

I was looking at the setup, fiber presentation comes into the premises and
terminates in a junction box. Fiber tail from that into a Huawei EchoLife
HG8010 GPON Terminal which then delivers the connection over gigabit copper
to a regular broadband router the same as they use for efiber etc.

Does anyone here have hands on knowledge about this equipment?

What i would like to try is going direct into a linux server from the fiber
presentation and seeing if I can traffic from that. What I don't know is if
the Huawei device is doing more than a media conversion bridge, it has the
capabilities to do more, and has diagnostic capabilities that allow Eir to
remotely troubleshoot a line, but I have no idea how much or little of
these capabilities are implemented.

If anyone has any insight I'd love to hear about it!


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