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Brendan Minish bminish at minish.org
Thu Sep 15 13:23:30 IST 2016

Yes, I know quite a bit about this 

We are a wholesale customer of Eir and as an OAO we can provide FTTH or
VDSL over Eir's network.

The presentation is as follows 

They terminate the GPON connection on their NT (the HG8010) on the
Ethernet port of this the Service providers (eir or OAO) is presented
on VLAN10 over which you can provision using PPPoE or IPoE 
There is some filtering going on there but we do see CDP 

Eir monitor their NT and light levels etc are available to OAO's via
their Wholesale portal (if you can find a web browser old enough to
support it ..) 

as an OAO we are not allowed bypass the NT and use our own optics but
there is no need anyway and it's certanly nice to have a very clear
demarc between Eir's infrastructure and our kit. 

I strongly suspect that since they monitor they will take a dim view of
a swap-out that removes their ability to monitor 

Any particular reason you wish to do your own GPON termination? It
seems to me that there is no advantage to be gained by doing this

For specifics the Wholeasle handbook should help and i am happy to dig
a bit deeper if you want


On Thu, 2016-09-15 at 12:48 +0100, Harry Duncan wrote:
> Guys,
> A colleague of mine in Wexford has a fiber to the home connection
> from Eir, 1000mb broadband. Yes, I'm thinking of moving too...
> I was looking at the setup, fiber presentation comes into the
> premises and terminates in a junction box. Fiber tail from that into
> a Huawei EchoLife HG8010 GPON Terminal which then delivers the
> connection over gigabit copper to a regular broadband router the same
> as they use for efiber etc.
> Does anyone here have hands on knowledge about this equipment?
> What i would like to try is going direct into a linux server from the
> fiber presentation and seeing if I can traffic from that. What I
> don't know is if the Huawei device is doing more than a media
> conversion bridge, it has the capabilities to do more, and has
> diagnostic capabilities that allow Eir to remotely troubleshoot a
> line, but I have no idea how much or little of these capabilities are
> implemented.
> If anyone has any insight I'd love to hear about it!
> Harry.
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